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Care Communities

A Care Community is a team of 6-8 committed volunteers who come alongside foster and adoptive families, providing practical, emotional and spiritual support. Our team will provide organization, training and support to ensure this community is supported. Click below to contact us with any questions and keep scrolling to learn more and complete the volunteer application.

Care Communities: What We Do
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How to Get Involved

1. First complete the volunteer application below. This will give us the information we need to know to connect with you and get you started.  

2. Next, after you submit the application plan to attend a care community volunteer orientation. Check out our events page for the next available meeting time. 

3. Join us on social media - Go follow our Hope and Olive Ministries page on Facebook and join our private Facebook group for volunteers called 'Hope and Olive Volunteers'.  

4. Join the Foster Care Prayer and Support group on our Genesis groups page. Here we will share prayer requests for our foster families and ways they are in need. For ex. when a family needs a crib or other items to care for their foster family we will post those needs in this group and share that with you to help fulfill those needs.

Care Communities: About Us

Submit Your Volunteer Application

Interested in volunteering

Click the link and complete the volunteer application. Once we have your initial information we can help you get started and connected to a care community.

Care Communities: HTML Embed
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Care Communities: Upcoming Events

Care Community Roles

Care Communities are crucial to the success of the foster family unit

We are so happy you’re interested in getting involved with our work here at Hope & Olive Ministries. There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort. Wraparound care involves each vital member of the team fulfilling their specific role. Each care community will consist of 6-8 volunteers who focus on one foster care family together. Providing practical, emotional and spiritual support to foster care families: Weekly meal, Childcare/Tutoring biological or foster children, assisting with housework or transportation. Investing in the lives of biological and foster children. Building “extended family” relationships. Prayer and encouragement. We will be providing training and coordination with and for the care community teams. Please see below for the training schedule.

Family At Church

Team Lead

The team lead would coordinate and communicate with a foster care family and be sure the care community is providing the needs and meeting the needs of the family.

Share a Meal

Family Helper

Family Helper: would provide a weekly meal and help around the house with yard work or housework. 

Happy Family

Child-care | Interim Caregiver

Providing weekly/bi-weekly childcare for a date night or foster care trainings. As well as overnight or respite care as needed for the foster family.

Teacher & Student

Child Mentor

This volunteer will spend time directly with the foster and or biological children in the home providing tutoring or childcare for biological and foster children.

Praying Together

Prayer Partner

We have a prayer group as a church that all volunteers will be a part of. But this specific volunteer will weekly coordinate time to pray with the foster parents. They will check in on what their needs are and communicate how we can pray for them as a church.

Care Communities: Get Involved
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